Wednesday, May 13, 2020

leaving part of my heart in NYC

I was going to have my last post be the final blurb on my blog as I prepare to leave, but my NYC family overwhelmed me today. Goodbyes are always hard, but even more so in this situation. They were asking me to my last minute if I was sure I didn't want to stay a bit longer. Day and night shift staff came in on their day off to bring food, help me surprise the unit, and to say goodbye. One friend wrote me a note thanking me and stating we will be lifelong friends. They brought doughnuts for breakfast and ordered lunch from a restaurant with the best chicken parm I have ever had!

Side note, guys you can't believe the happiness a can of Clorox wipes can bring a seasoned nurse manager😂. She had been saying the other day how she is now out and has been looking for some but unable to find any. This can was sent in a care package from Washington and I re-gifted it to her 😊.

I planned a special treat for the staff on this floor as I have spent most of my time here and wanted to thank them and encourage them. I arranged for a new friend from NYC to drive to New Jersey to Nothing Bundt Cakes, pick up my order, and bring them to the unit. The best part was that the owner donated additional cakes to what I had purchased, and the bakery boxes state "be sweet to each other."

I must say I am leaving a piece of my heart here with the NYC Jacobi PICU and NICU teams.I printed out and colored some of these pages to hang around the unit to leave them encouragement. The final picture is a gift given to me as I was leaving.

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