Monday, April 6, 2020

Day 2

Good afternoon everyone! I'm typing this up on my lunch break but wanted to share. I arrived safely at my hotel last night and took and uber to work this morning. I've included a picture of the plastic that the uber drivers have tacked up to protect themselves (makes for a hot stuffy ride in the back).

The streets are mostly empty of people with a few here or there. There are some cars on the road but nothing compared to normal NYC traffic. Everyone is wearing mask from people shuffling down the street to everyone on the hospital campus. I saw a man walking down the street with a surgical mask pulled down and a face shield on as he was drinking coffee under the face shield.

I've also included a picture of orientation and paperwork session with social distancing, they had us each sit at a separate table. We were hood-fit tested which was a new process for me. In Ohio, medical personnel are tested with a machine to measure particulates inside the mask and outside to ensure an N95 mask fits the employee well and protects them adequately. During this fit test, we were told to place the hood on our head and an aerosolized substance was squirted inside the hood. Once you tasted the substance (it was nasty) you could remove the hood. Then we had to don the N95 mask replace the hood, and the substance was again inserted inside the hood. We had to walk around and move our heads and speak for a few minutes to see if the mask prevented us from tasting the substance (adequate mask fit) or if it did not (not a good fit).

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