Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The reality of how our world is changing

Good evening everyone! 

This week has had a great start for me. We discharged patients Monday and the rooms were not immediately filled back up. I then had Tuesday off of work for class and was able to meet up for dinner with the friends I have made. It was cathartic to see and talk to them and we were able to share what we have been experiencing, encountering, and enduring. It refreshed me as I had not seen some of them since our first day of orientation. 

I work again Thursday, Friday,  and Saturday and will hopefully post an update Sunday.  

I have included some pictures of how the hotel changed in the last few days. They had previously had the bar area with tables taped off but as of yesterday they taped off all seating areas in the lobby including the computer to print. 

Yesterday I was able to get out of this room and take a short walk. The sight of all the stores closed and gates down gave the feeling of a ghost town. 

Finally, on the bright side one of the travel nurses I met from Florida needed some masks and I was able to give her some that had been donated to me by a classmate from Ohio. She loves the mask!! 

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