Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Hands and Feet of Jesus - Covid 19 Warrior

Week four

Week four brought some changes. My walk to and from work buddy got moved from my hotel to a different hotel. We have been walking the 20 minutes to and from work on the days we both work. We made a routine of stopping to pray before we get to the hospital to begin our shift. On the bright side, I got some buttons in a package from my mom and was able to sew them onto the headband to protect my ears. I also ordered a scrub hat from Amazon (and it came surprisingly quickly) along with the 2 scrub hats I received from my friend's donations (one was pictured in a previous post) and I was able to sew buttons onto those hats as well to keep pressure off my ears.

I had a talk with a friend last night, and she shared how my story has affected her. She said to me "Laura you are literally being the hands and feet of Jesus." This really stopped me in my tracks as I reflected on this and our conversation. I hope that the nurses and patients I come into contact with are uplifted by my reflection of Christ. In rooms with patients who have no family at their side while they are scared and sick, I can be there and love and encourage them.

I had to walk to the pharmacy today as I haven't been inside a store for a few weeks and haven't been to a pharmacy since getting to New York. Below is a photo of the pharmacy as I walked up. There was a line outside the store for people who needed to go to the pharmacy and then another line for people who just wanted to shop at CVS. They have the whole pharmacy area completely taped off and wipe down everything including the credit card machine after each person. 

Some other good news from the front lines....the last few days I have worked there have been open beds on some units! I'm not saying its all better here, but the last few days the ER has been overstaffed with nurses! It is the small things, I will take it! 

Also, a giant care package came from Washington (the hometown of the nurse shown above). It had 250 mini bottles of hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, pens, safety pins, ear savers, cloth masks, and best of all cookies!


  1. Laura,

    Thank you so much for sharing. You are one brave and capable woman!!! Both of my daughters loved hearing your story. Prayers and hugs are being sent to you in NYC from Ohio!!!

    -Andrea Wagner

    1. Andrea- Thank you so much! I am glad to share story. The prayers and support are what is getting me through, that and knowing I am making a difference in someone's life! Miss you!