Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Overwhelmed beyond words - week 3

After a rough end to last week, I was blown away by week 3. So many people giving all at once, I have no words to even describe the feelings. I will show pictures and allow you to imagine the feelings after the situation described in my last post. This was me trying to be resilient and get out of bed. I went for a walk to get some fresh air and clear my head on my day off. Who says you can't color coordinate during a pandemic? 😀

A local restaurant has been providing to go meals to first responders. It was delicious and made my day! Although I probably ate it in about 5 minutes (my grandma always scolds me for eating so fast, my only defense, I'm a nurse, I have to)

My new travel nurse friend received mailed care packages from her hometown and shared a srcrub hat with me! The green fabric says "hugs for heroes." We have been wearing disposable hair covers all day long, so now I can wear this under the disposable one for another layer of protection.

Someone came around the floor passing out face wash and compression socks to staff. Same day, all staff was given a ticket to go redeem for a bag from Red Cross. This bag was loaded with supplies including toothpaste, deodorant, food, coffee, toilet paper, and energy drinks.

A family member reached out to me and thanked me for coming to NYC. She insisted on buying my dinner of my choice and having it delivered to my hotel when I got home from work Monday night. She even ordered more than what I requested because she thought I might like it and should have choices. Also she sent all the drinks because I told her drinks are hard to of all she ordered bubble tea! 😍

Last night, I received a package from my mom. It included face shields for me and other first responders!!! Her classmate from high school had paid for some and mom shipped them up! Below is one that I found on a unit last week and snagged. It is elastic stapled to the plastic. Below is a picture of a night shift travel nurse living here at my hotel who has not had a face shield. She was ecstatic to receive one and loved how it fit. Stated it provided so much more protection. When I tried one on I loved it as well, so much space for my glasses. It was wasn't squishing against my face. Thanks mom, your classmate, and the local friend making these! Once I pass out some more I will post more pictures!
This nurse also has not had any cloth masks and I was able to give her one that my boyfriend's family made and sent with me. She loved the colors and said she wanted to wear them together to match. 😎

These donated face shields are going like candy! Gave away all the ones I had today and didn't realize I gave my own away. Good thing I have a few at the hotel that didn't fit in my bag today.

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